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Jumia is the largest platform for selling products in Egypt. It’s a gateway to reach many customers and receive many orders, which contributes to increasing your sales volume and profits. Jumia aims to increase the volume of e-commerce in Egypt and all Africa.

Enjoy working and making money from home

Jumia offers free training so you can manage your store, and handles the shipping, collection, customer service and other services to help you grow successfully

Jumia contributes to doubling the profits of many sellers through its platform

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Would you like to open your store in the largest mall in Egypt? You can now do it with just a few simple steps! On Jumia, you can open an online store and start selling your products online. We also give you many choices for delivery and packing! Your store will be open 24 hours / 7 days a week, and because Jumia is always keen to make you a happy and satisfied seller, we have provided you with the possibility to get your income or profits every 7 days instead of every month

The advantages of selling on Jumia Egypt

Jumia has the largest customer base and is the largest online shopping mall in Egypt.

We offer free training to help you launch and manage your store

Free and Easy registration steps

Sell your products nationwide

Your store is open 24/7

Selling opportunity while sitting at home

Jumia takes care of delivery, returns and customer service

Jumia Express service to guarantee more sales, better customer experience and faster delivery

Jumia has a database of Egyptian customers' behavior which will help you increase your sales‏

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