Easy shipping and delivery

Jumia provides different shipping options for its’ vendors to suit every need. We aim to deliver your products to your customers in their perfect condition, while maintaining the lowest logistic cost. Here we will learn more about the shipping methods Jumia offers to their vendors

What are the shipping options?

  • Jumia Express: Storing your merchandise at Jumia’s warehouse
  • Drop shipping: Your merchandise is in your store, and you pack it once ordered is placed and deliver it to one of our drop-off stations

A: Jumia Express

When you join Jumia Express service, you send your products to Jumia warehouse and Jumia takes care of the rest. Once the order is received, we will pack and deliver your products to your customer as well as manage all customer inquiries.


Jumia will ship your products to customers

Packing and packaging

Jumia will pack your products


Jumia will store your products

The advantages of using Jumia Express are as follows:

Your product will be tagged with The Jumia Express badge.
The quality of the products are trusted by our customers, so you will gain access to JUMIA’s loyal customers.
Increase the chances of your products appearing when customers search for the products they want to buy
Products shipped with Jumia Express are getting more sales compared to products that are not affiliated with the Jumia Express shipping service, due to guaranteed quality, plus faster delivery
Once the order is received from the customer, Jumia takes care of everything; from packaging to shipping your product to the customer.
Jumia manages the returns process (receiving it from the customer, checking it and storing it in the warehouse).

Suitable for:

Jumia Express shipping service is suitable for your best-selling products, it is the perfect way to expand your business in the most efficient and effective way.

B: Drop shipping

If you choose “Drop shipping”, your products will be stored at your store. Once you receive your orders, you will prepare, pack, and deliver them to the Jumia drop-off station closest to you, and Jumia will then deliver them to your customer.


You must deliver the orders to Jumia delivery center or the delivery representative within a maximum of 48 hours from receiving the order

Packing and packaging

You can pack your products using Jumia packaging materials or your own packaging materials


Your products will be stored at your warehouse

Suitable for:

Using “Drop shipping” would be ideal if you have your own store that sells a large variety of products, and you would like to leave the delivery business and customer service matters for Jumia to attend t

Your drop-off locations‏

Here you will find the address, location and working hours for all of the drop-off stations and Jumia warehouse.

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