Rules and requirements for opening an account

Welcome, Selling on Jumia

At Jumia, we believe that the next stage of the customer’s purchase will be online. One of our goals is to provide a variety of products to the customer, so the seller is a very important person for us. As the number one e-commerce company in Africa, we are always looking for ways to add value to our customers. As a seller on Jumia, you will participate in offering customers offers such as offering the best products at the best price, in addition to providing the customer with the best buying experience.

The Requirements of selling on Jumia

- A copy of the business owner's ID card

- A valid commercial registration

- A valid tax card

- Bank account in the name of the establishment + IBAN

- Value-added registration certificate and a certificate in case the exemption limit is not exceeded

Before you start selling

Please make sure to comply with our terms

This is all the information you need to create your account

Detailed bank account details

It must be identical to the data of the card holder or the owner of the company + IBAN

Detailed information of your company

Address, legal name, store name in English and others

Email address and phone number

A valid e-mail address and phone number for contact

Required documents

All categories need to provide a commercial register and a tax card

Your merchandise is in your store

If you cannot deliver to the mentioned provinces, there is another system (your goods are in the Jumia store)

Delivery possibility

To have the ability to deliver the order to one of the delivery centers within 48 hours to know the available delivery centers in the following governorates (Cairo - Giza - Alexandria - Tanta) from here

You will have to sign the Jumia contract in both hard copy and electronic form

The contract must be a hard copy to be delivered at the company’s headquarters

All pages must be signed

In the event that the store belongs to a commercial establishment, the signature must be in addition to the establishment’s stamp.

The commercial registration and tax card must be the most recent version

The signatory of the contract must have his name in the commercial registry and have the right to sign

Please write the name of the person (company representative / or account holder on Jumia) in quadrant clearly and without a signature format

Please write the full name at the end of each page of the contract clearly without a signature format

The signature is the only item that is allowed in the form of a signature

Please make sure that there are no cross-outs or corrections of clerical errors entirely in any part or place of the contract

More clarifications about the experience of selling on Jumia? Book a training for new sellers here

What is the cost of selling on Jumia?

Registration on Jumia is free for all sellers
A fee will be paid for each product sold through our platform and also according to the shipping method chosen and the category of products.


Processing fee

Jumia Express fees

A comprehensive shopping station that makes it easy for you to manage your Jumia account sales
Here are some of the tasks you can do via the online store
Track your orders on Jumia
Track your inventory and update your listings
Use customer metrics tools to monitor vendor performanceUse customer metrics tools to monitor vendor performance
Participate in advertising campaigns

Discover the online store

Your store will be fully managed online. When you register with the online store, you can access all the data to manage sales, add a product, update product data, and have an overview of actual sales

Products that are allowed and not allowed to be sold on Jumia

Also, Jumia does not allow the sale of counterfeit products

Jumia does not allow the sale of non-original or imitation products from famous brands or brands to preserve the property rights of these brands and avoid any legal liability or fines